Terms of purchase

Shipping & packaging

Shipping and packaging charges within Sweden vary according to the weight of your books. In the last step when ordering your book, you will see the shipping charges.


At Blog to Book, our order cut-off time is every Sunday at 19.00.  All books are posted 1st class. Blog to Book accepts no liability for delivery delays and negligent handling by postal carriers.


When we have received your order, we will send an order confirmation to your email address. It is therefore important that you have given us your correct email address in your personal data. Save this email for future contact with customer services. Your order confirmation (Receipt) also functions as your warranty of purchase.


All prices on the Blog to Books website include 6 per cent VAT. Blog to Book reserves the right to adjust prices at any time. If anything is obviously incorrect, Blog to Book may be forced to cancel the purchase and repay any amount already paid as best possible. This may be done at any time during processing when the error is discovered. The reason for the error will be clearly stated to the customer when notification of cancellation is given.


You may only pay using a payment card when you purchase a blog book. All card payments are processed by Epay, our payment partner and you can read more about their payment system at www.epay.se.

Bank/credit card: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and Diners Club. 

The funds are reserved on your account and charged to the account within a few days.

Security and confidentiality

Blog to Book guarantees that we will never disclose your personal data to any third party, unless there is special cause to do so, such as when the police, public prosecutor or similar requests such data. Certain data must be provided to our working partners, such as the printers, and postal service.

Right of Return

Since the book you ordered is produced to your specifications, Blog to Book cannot offer a general right of return on the purchase without special grounds. You are able to preview your layout and see how your blog posts will appear as the assembled book, so you must therefore take responsibility for the quality of the final product. Naturally, this does not apply if you book is damaged during transport or if the book does not meet the quality standards we have promised for our products. If you receive your product and notice it does not match your order or it is damaged, you shall contact customer service within 14 days. If you, as a customer, want to make a complaint, please contact our customer service by email kundservice@bloggtillbok.se, or through our contact form on our contact page. If the product is lost or damaged when you return the product, then you will be liable to pay for it. However, any replacement delivery will be at no cost to you. Contact us for more information about how to proceed with any returns.


Blog to Book does not guarantee 100 % colour reproduction in your books. Colour reproduction and colour scale may differ between what you see on your screen and the printed book – this is because your screen projects light, while the printed paper reflects it. However, we guarantee that your books will be technically free of defects on delivery. The quality of your photos will be recreated as they appear in your blog. The quality can therefore not be better than in your blog. It is therefore important that you preview your book to check how your photos appear. Blog to Book cannot be liable for e.g. photos and images that do not have sufficient quality to be reproduced in print. Our books shall, of course, stand up to normal use. And, this naturally includes leafing through and using the book. However we cannot guarantee the book will stand up against the customer’s carelessness or mistreatment when using the book.


As the buyer, you have sole liability for the texts and photos you upload to Blog to Book. The buyer confirms that they have sole copyrights, trademark protection, and all other rights to the texts and images used in producing the books they have ordered. The buyer is fully liable for any infringements related to these rights and the penalties they carry. If a third-party claims any copyrights and/or other rights for themselves, the buyer undertakes to fully indemnify Blog to Book against any such claims. Furthermore, the buyer guarantees that the texts or photos in no way violate applicable law and especially applicable laws concerning child pornography, racism and/or incitement to racial hatred.

Checking and deleting data

Blog to Book retains the right to check the data that we may obtain and reserves the right to delete this data without advance notice should the facts indicate that the data the buyer has uploaded violates applicable laws as stated above. Should the facts indicate that the uploaded data constitutes criminal liability, we reserve the right to contact the authorities for further consideration. Should the facts indicate that a third party has any legal objection(s) to the content uploaded by the buyer, then Blog to Book reserves the right to delete such content without advance notice. However, Blog to Book assumes no liability should the facts indicate that such third party objections were not valid. Naturally, this shall not apply if Blog to Book has acted in gross negligence or intentionally deleted the buyer’s data.

Choice of law

Any disputes regarding these terms and conditions shall be settled under Swedish law.


If you have any questions, please contact our customer service at kundservice@bloggtillbok.se

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