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How do a make my blog into a book?
On the first page, you choose the blog portal you use. Then you enter your blog name and click “Continue”. Then follow the instructions. The entire process takes five easy steps. On the first page, there is a demonstration video that explains each step.
How much does a blog book cost?
Each type of book has a basic price. Then, the price will vary depending on the number of pages. The total price for your blog book is calculated when you place your order. If your book has to be split into more than one part, you pay the basic price for each part and then a charge per page. Read more about our prices here.
My post isn’t shown in the list of posts
Most likely you don’t have RSS turned on for your blog. Contact us if you are unsure how to turn this on.
How long will it take before I get my book?
Delivery times range from 5 to 10 working days, depending on when you placed your order. The weekly cut-off for placing orders is on Sunday at 19.00. Orders placed before the cut-off will be sent to the printer at that time. Orders placed after the cut-off are normally sent to the printer at the next cut-off time.
How far back in time can my blog go?
You can have your book go back as far as you want before you place your order. But you can only have 300 pages per book. If your blog has more many pages than will fit in a single book, it will automatically be divided into several books. Your blog can’t be more than five books. Contact us if you are interested in a larger volume or if your content fills more than five books.
How will my blog look when it is assembled?
Your book will contain all the posts that you have selected from your blog. You will be able to review every page of you book at the last step. Please double check your order before you continue to check out.
How will my photos look in my book?
Photos are retrieved straight from your blog. The photos will not be any better quality than what they were in your blog. The quality of most photos is good enough that they will look good in your book. But, if you have poor quality photos, Blog to Book cannot be held liable if they turn out poorly in your book.
How will video clips from my blog look in my book?
Your videos will appear in the book as a photo. If a video comes from YouTube, it will be the image you normally see before you play the video.
What sizes can I order my book in?
Your book will be printed in size A5. For more about the types of books you can choose between, click here.
Can I change the text and layout?
No, at this time you cannot edit your book. To make any changes, you must first change the content of your blog. The idea is that the blog is compiled automatically without any physical intermediaries. Right now, you can only choose what dates you want to include. Then the book is assembled automatically. However, we are working to improve options for you to edit your blog book.
Can I eliminate posts I don’t want to have in my book?
Yes, in step two when you create your book, you will see a list of your blog posts. You can select the posts you want to include from the list.
Can I choose to include the comments to my posts?
No, right now you can’t include the comments. But, we are constantly working to add new features that you can use when you order your blog book.
Can I design my own cover?
Yes, but with some limitations. You can choose among several colours for the title and subtitle. You can also choose a cover photo. But your cover photo must be 300 dpi or better to be able to upload it, this will ensure it looks as good as possible in print. You can also choose between several colours for your cover.
What happens if my blog is too big?
You cannot have more than 300 pages in each book. Large blogs, with more than 300 pages, will be split into several books. For example, a blog that totals 400 pages will be automatically divided into Part 1 and Part 2, with 200 pages in each part. If you want your books to be divided differently, you have to go back and adjust the date intervals you selected.
What do I do if my blog site is not in your list?
We are continuing to expand support for additional blog portals. Please contact us and let us know which blog portal you use.
How do I pay?
You pay through our payment partner EPay. Watch the demonstration video on the first page to see how you pay. We will also send an order confirmation to the email address you provide.
How will you use my contact information?
To read about our information and privacy policy, click here.
What about copyrights at Blog to Book?
As the buyer, you are solely responsible for the text and photos you upload to Blog to Book. The buyer confirms that they have sole copyright, trademark protection, and all other rights to the texts and images used in producing the books they order. The buyer is liable for any infringements related to these rights and the penalties they carry. If a third party claims any copyrights and/or other rights for themselves, then the buyer undertakes to fully indemnify Blog to Book against any such claims. Furthermore, the buyer guarantees that the texts or photos in no way violate applicable law and especially applicable laws concerning child pornography, racism and/or incitement to racial hatred. For more information on our terms and conditions, click here.
Will you be expanding your range of products?
We are continually striving to improve our service, and we plan to expand our range of products.
Why should I use your service?
Our service is designed for bloggers who want an easy way to compile their posts into a book. Our idea is that you shouldn’t have to bother with cutting and pasting everything yourself to collect all your blog posts. We simply help you quickly and easily turn your blog into a book. The options available for you to edit your book are therefore limited.

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